Weegee is an evil psychopath, and friend of MamaLuigi22, MORIO, and Freegee. He is much more evil then MamaLuigi22, but not nearly as edgy.

History: Edit

Weegee first appeared in the educational game Mario is Missing. Years later, his sprites were used on End of the Internet by User MonkeyInCloset. He remade the sprites into artwork. These will later appear in 4Chan, deviantArt, Newgrounds, Facebook, and many more popular Internet websites. Weegee would be placed in photos to make it seem more awkward and post them. Later, on YouTube, videos became popular and a Weegee Virus would later outbreak.

Personality: Edit

Note: This is copied and pasted directly from the King Harkinian wiki. However, it's ok, because the writer wrote it there, AND is bringing it here, so it's his work anyways

Weegee is easily one of the most evil beings in existence. He is determined to spread the Weegee Virus and makes everyone and everything a member of the Weegee Army, he wants to conquer all of existence. He derives joy from the pain and suffering of others. He hardly shows any form of true attachment to anyone, except those closest to him. He is extremely intelligent, as he is only one year younger then The Big Bang itself, giving him lots of experience. He is a tactical mastermind, and an expert combatant. This has allowed him to survive for very long, outlasting almost any other being in existence before the end of time. He is so evil, even Satan himself bows down to his incomprehensible evil.

Like King Harkinian, although his sanity and intelligence is often questioned, he is shown to have a brilliant mind that is nearly on par with God's. He has figured out the secret to time travel, and knows the cure to every disease ever (though he won't tell as he wants people to die and suffer).

Books: Edit