The MamaLuigi22 Canon is an interesting canon. It has many of everything. The content of Weegeepedia (and all of its countless spinoffs, active or shut down) happen, along with YouTube Poop Canon, King Harkinian Canon, any character related to YouTube Poop Canon, Internet videos, stories, Weegee roleplays, Cartoon Fight Club canon, Trollpasta (and its spinoffs, such as Evil Patrixxx wiki), Dolan, Rage Comics, MLG, and other internet series like that. Basically any internet canon including rage comics and stuff like that at once. The United Gees' Galaxy is the United Gees' Universe. If the canons contradict each other, the outcome that MamaLuigi22 prefers happens. Also things like King Harkinian dying in 2015 do not happen. All the major characters from these canons survive no matter what. Basically all these together, and if anything contradicts other things, MamaLuigi22 will have the say in it.

As well as all the video games (fake and real), books/stories (fake or real), movies and TV shows connected to Weegee, YouTube Poop, or any other thing considered canon by MamaLuigi22 are based off true stories, meaning they happen in the lore and are made into video games.

Deleted things that are considered MamaLuigi22 canon: Edit

Certain things that are deleted or that are no longer accessible still count canon in MamaLuigi22 Canon. These include deleted wikis, deleted characters, deleted events and wars, and anything deleted that connects to Weegee or YouTube Poop.