MORIO & Weegee Virus! (TV Show) was the TV adaption of MORIO & Weegee Virus!. It is based off true adventures of MORIO, Weegee, and friends.

Main Characters: Edit

Episodes: Edit

Season 1: Edit

  1. MORIO and Weegee go to jail
  2. MORIO.exe
  3. MORIO's Housekeeping
  4. MORIO and Weegee go to Vegas
  5. MamaLuigi22's arrest part 1: Framed
  6. MamaLuigi22's arrest part 2: The break out
  7. MamaLuigi22's arrest part 3: Court

Season 2: Edit

  1. MORIO and Friends
  2. MamaLuigi22's bad day
  3. MORIO's bad idea
  4. Weegee's assassination attempt
  5. The Finale?